The mother of the first Navy SEAL to be killed in the Iraq War reacted on "Hannity" to ISIS gaining control of Ramadi after Iraqi government forces abandoned the city.

Debbie Lee's son, Marc Alan Lee, was killed in Ramadi in August 2006. 

"We have blood on that soil. My son's blood is on that soil," Lee told Sean Hannity. "So many others have sacrificed greatly for that area."

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She said that ISIS taking control of the city shows that things could have been done differently over there. 

"There's tactics that could be employed, that we could make a difference over there," Lee stated. "And now, they're only emblazoned to go further and go into Baghdad and take that area as well."

Hannity asked Lee what she would say to President Obama for making the decision to pull troops out of Iraq. 

"When they pulled everybody out ... they needed to leave troops over there to stabilize the area. They weren't ready to take that over by themselves," she said. "Because we didn't leave troops there to stabilize, now it's in the hands of ISIS. And that's gut-wrenching to me to know that the sacrifices that have been made there."

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"We need to see our commander-in-chief allow our men and women who are the best military in the world to go in there and do what they do well and stabilize that country," she stated. 

Watch the video above to hear from Leif Babin, a former Navy SEAL who fought next to Lee's son.