An MMA fighter saved the day when he sprinted after a bank robbery suspect, tackled him to the ground and hog-tied him.

Eric Haritakis was at the Grow Financial Federal Credit Union in Pinellas County, Fla., when a suspect robbed a teller. Haritakis jumped into action, chasing after the man and hog-tying him with duct tape until police arrived.

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Fox 13 reported:

"I don't really know what I was thinking at that time. I just kind of went for it. I figured if he had a weapon, he probably would have pulled it out at that point," Haritakis continued.

Several minutes later, shoppers and store employees saw Haritakis guiding Neubecker back to the front of the bank.

"I see the guy bringing a guy back with his hands behind his back and almost carrying him," said Kristin Drexler, an employee at UPS. "I was just amazed at how down-to-earth [Haritakis] was. He was just so nonchalant about the fact that he just chased down a bank robber."

Suspect Michael Jon Neubecker, 31, is now in jail.

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