A Florida-based non-profit is working to make life easier for veterans.

K9s For Warriors pairs vets with shelter dogs specially trained just for them, and the results can be extraordinary.

Sgt. Major Jim Kuiken and his service dog Freedom joined Gretchen Carlson today on "The Real Story" to share their experience with the program.

Kuiken explained that he's a 30-year Marine Corps veteran who's been in six different wars, which has left him with serious PTSD.

"I was having a hard time," Kuiken said. "I found out about K9s For Warriors and I reached out to them. And they partnered me with Freedom, who was picked specifically for me, for my issues."

"He's really done a turnaround. I've reconnected with the family. I'm back out living life again. I'm mainly focusing on him, not my little downward spiral."

Kuiken wasn't the only one who was in a dangerous situation before finding the program. Freedom was in a high kill shelter in Kentucky and was less than two weeks from being put down before he was rescued.

Kuiken revealed that K9s For Warriors has already had more than 160 successful partnerships between vets and dogs.

Watch the heartwarming "Real Story" clip above to see some of the special commands that Freedom knows.

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