On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer reacted to how the Obama administration is responding to the fall of Ramadi to ISIS.

The White House has downplayed the situation as a "setback."

Krauthammer said that the administration is "either delusional or cynical."

"I would hope cynical, because otherwise we're in deep trouble," he remarked. "This is a tremendous defeat. This isn't only a geographic defeat, the fact that Mosul is gone, Fallujah is gone and now Ramadi is gone. It's that the Iraqi army once again ran."

"Our whole idea is that we will train the Iraqi army," Krauthammer said. "If you train people who want to fight, but don't know how to fight, that will work."

He noted that we had that opportunity in Syria and that it worked, because Syrians wanted to fight.

Krauthammer said that the situation is completely opposite in Iraq.

"All the training in the world is not going to help them," he said. "If you have no interest and no commitment in the war, you're going to run. And that's why we are losing badly."

Watch the clip above.

Later in the evening on "Hannity," we heard more from Krauthammer on the fall of Ramadi to ISIS.

He argued that this is the end result of Obama's decision to withdraw from Iraq completely at the start of 2012. 

Krauthammer said in addition to not leaving behind a residual U.S. force, Obama gave up valuable assets on the ground, like intelligence networks in Anbar and air bases. 

"The future generation will not just to ask who lost Iraq. They're going to ask why," said Krauthammer.

Watch the discussion above.

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