In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly analyzed the state of American politics, highlighting problems facing the country.  

He said that America's two most intense problems are stagnant wages and worldwide terrorism. 

O'Reilly said that most Americans depend on a paycheck for security and well-being. 

"When that paycheck shrinks, there are serious side effects," he stated. "Under Barack Obama, the median wage has fallen, despite trillions of dollars in stimulus spending by the feds."

O'Reilly asserted that the only way wages will increase is for business to expand. He added that tax cuts also need to happen for expansion. 

"The Obama administration has done the opposite," he said. "Taxes [are] up big time. Last year, the federal government took more money in from workers than ever before. But obviously that didn't help the economy to expand."

As for the worldwide terrorism problem, O'Reilly said, "Iran trains and funds terror operations all over the Middle East."

He noted that Iran may also get a nuclear weapon.

"In the shadow of those two enormous problems ... is the upcoming presidential election," O'Reilly remarked. 

He said that there will be a "brawl" in the primary season, since one woman and 15 men are considering a 2016 run on the Republican side. 

For Democrats, the only candidate is Hillary Clinton, O'Reilly said, adding that so far "turbulence has defined her campaign."

He said that Clinton's ongoing drama is getting tedious and takes away from the serious business of fixing America. 

Watch the full Memo above.

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