On a brand-new edition of Watters' World, Jesse Watters visited New York City's Union Square to ask people what they know - or don't know - about American pride and patriotism.

Watch the full segment above and check out some of the hilarious highlights below.

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Are you a proud American?

"I'm more or less indifferent to my being an American."

Can you say the Pledge of Allegiance? 

"Not that I can't say it, it's just that I don't pledge allegiance to the flag. Is that patriotism? Am I lacking that?"

"I would say so. But you're a little taller than me, so maybe not."

Do you know the name of our national anthem?

"The national anthem?"

Can you sing the national anthem?

"I should know this. I was in choir."

 Do you remember which country we declared independence from?