According to a recent Fox News poll, six out of ten Americans believe there are terrorists living in their city.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Your World" today that that fear is preventing the outrage that people should feel over the National Security Agency’s anti-terrorism surveillance program.

"The NSA spies on all people all the time, and it's too much information for them to sift through in a timely manner," Judge Napolitano said. "That's not my opinion. That's the opinion of former NSA senior executives who were responsible for formulating the software that permits the NSA to do it."

Judge Napolitano pointed out that the NSA currently has 27 times the content of the Library of Congress in its vaults.

"No one's saying all spying is bad," Judge Napolitano explained. "People are saying all spying on all of us all the time without probable cause is bad."

"When they do that, they are wasting their time and they are squandering our safety," Judge Napolitano said. "They should only be listening to the calls of the bad guys. Those are the only calls they need."

Watch the video above.

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