New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke to Megyn Kelly in a wide-ranging "Kelly File" interview about immigration, the challenges facing the country and a possible run for the White House.

Megyn asked Christie if he was in favor of a path to citizenship.

"I think that's an extreme way to go," Christie stated. "I think that quite frankly what Hillary Clinton is doing right now is pandering... We need to have an intelligent conversation about this and bring the American people along to where we can find consensus."

He said that that has been a failure of President Barack Obama. 

"You don't build consensus by executive order," he added. "It's been a failure by those who are trying to just pander to make political points out of this. So no, I don't believe that's the way to go and I don't believe that's where the American people are."

Megyn pointed out that in a 2010 interview Christie said that he was for a path to citizenship. She asked him why his opinion has changed. 

"I think I have learned over time about this issue and done a lot more work on it," Christie replied. "I think everyone has to do what you need to do to be able to get educated on these issues and learn. Back in 2010 I was in my first couple months as a governor. I have now learned some of the ramifications for all of these things."

Christie said that he would reverse Obama's executive action on immigration because he thinks "it's illegal."

Watch more from the must-see "Kelly File" interview above.

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