Tonight on "Hannity," the pilot who landed his gyrocopter on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol explained why he broke the law.

Doug Hughes, a Florida postal carrier, was arrested last month after he landed his small gyrocopter in front of the U.S. Capitol Building to draw attention to a number of issues with Congress. 

"I think it's more important we have a Congress that works for the people, and I want to draw attention to the fact that they're not and to the fact that there are opportunities to change it," Hughes stated. 

Judge Nap: 'No Defense' for Gyrocopter's Capitol Lawn Landing

Hughes said that he knew what he was doing was illegal and that he is willing to accept the consequences of his actions. 

"In multiple ways, I tried to let the authorities know I was coming in," Hughes said.

"I was able to fly in without any risk to anybody else, and I was able to put it down in an area that was clear of all people," he said. "I delivered the mail, I delivered the message, nobody got hurt, there was no property damage."

Hughes told Hannity that he's now facing up to four years in jail for his stunt. 

Watch the full interview in the clip above.