Police arrested about 170 members of rival motorcycle gangs after a shootout at a Texas restaurant killed nine people and wounded 18 over the weekend.

Five biker gangs gathered at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco to settle differences over turf and recruitment. 

Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton explained that meetings had been held at the restaurant previously. He said that the restaurant's managers dismissed police concerns over the gatherings being held. 

The Associated Press reported:

"They were not here to drink and eat barbecue," Swanton said. "They came here with violence in mind."

Twin Peaks — a national chain that features waitresses in revealing uniforms — on Monday revoked the franchise rights to the restaurant, which opened in August.

Company spokesman Rick Van Warner said in a statement that the management team chose to ignore warnings and advice from the company, and did not establish the "high security standards" that the company requires.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on Monday issued a seven-day suspension of the restaurant's liquor license, but owners had the option of reopening to serve meals.

Police and the restaurant operators were aware of Sunday's meeting in advance, and 18 Waco officers in addition to state troopers were outside the restaurant when the fight began, Swanton said.

Swanton has repeatedly declined to identify which gangs were involved in a fight that began with punches then grew to include chains, knives and then guns.

On "Hannity" tonight, Charles Falco, a former undercover agent who was in several biker gangs, said that he wasn't surprised by the huge amount of weapons that police confiscated from the gang members. 

"What happens in any states where they're allowed to have concealed weapons permits, the leadership of these gangs orders them to get a concealed weapons permit," Falco told Hannity.

He said that the three most dangerous biker gangs currently in America are the Outlaws, Hell's Angels and the Mongols. Falco also revealed that the problem of biker gangs is getting worse.

"Their numbers are higher, their level of violence it seems to go back and forth depending on the decade," Falco said. "It's getting bad again. They really fight over territory, and this battle was not over a parking spot. It was over territory."

Watch the video above.

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