ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos may have tarnished his reputation after failing to disclose $75,000 in donations he made to the Clinton Foundation.

Stephanopoulos apologized Friday to his viewers for his failure to disclose the gifts he made to the foundation while he was covering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and foundation controversies.

On "Media Buzz," Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank said that Stephanopoulos has created a "stupid, self-inflicted wound."

"I'm not somebody who shouts liberal bias every five minutes, but the day that this broke, which was Thursday, there were zero stories about this on MSNBC and one segment all day on CNN," Howard Kurtz said. "If this had been the equivalent of a conservative journalist with a conservative pass, those networks would have been all over it."

Kurtz asserted that viewers will now see Stephanopoulos through a different lens, fairly or unfairly assuming that he's in the tank for the Clintons.

Milbank suggested that Stephanopoulos will have to be particularly tough on Hillary Clinton now and must actually overcompensate in the other direction.

Watch more from "Media Buzz" above.

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