Two Texas siblings were tired of being harassed on the school bus, so they turned to the Bible to get the bully to stop.

Phoenix and Kingston Walwyn were being taunted and called names on the ride home from school. Instead of encouraging them to retaliate against the bully, their pastor father suggested they give him a Bible.

"We gave it to him and then two minutes later when it was almost his stop to get off, he just said thank you and sorry for all the bad stuff I did to you," Phoenix said.

Since that day, there has been no more name-calling or bullying, according to Phoenix and Kingston.

The children's father, Pastor Vaughaligan Walwyn, said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that after praying and seeking God, he felt the spirit tell him to get the bully a Bible, let him know that Jesus loves him and invite him to church.

Walwyn explained that the Bible teaches us to love our enemies.

"We definitely try to live a Christ-like lifestyle," Walwyn said. "I'm just thankful that they were able to see it in action. And not only did they do it, but they got to see great results from it."

"I think the kid probably had an awareness of Christianity or had an awareness of what the Bible meant," Walwyn said. "And when he saw it, I think it was a reminder of how he should have been living his life."

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