U.S. Special Forces personnel killed a key ISIS leader in a raid in eastern Syria, the White House said Saturday morning.

John Huddy reported on "America's News Headquarters" about Abu Sayyaf, a senior ISIS leader whose roles included overseeing illicit oil and gas operations. In addition to being the terror group's "CFO," he also was allegedly involved with the group's military operations.

"This raid and killing him, taking him out, could really significantly impact ISIS's financial operations," Huddy said.

Huddy reported that an intense fight unfolded when members of the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force were dropped deep in ISIS territory near the al-Omar oil field.

"They got into a firefight with ISIS militants, including Abu Sayyaf," Huddy reported. "They killed him. They captured his wife, Umm Sayyaf. And also what we're hearing at this point is that there was hand-to-hand combat between those Delta Force commandos and also ISIS militants."

Huddy said that at least a dozen ISIS militants were killed, while all the Delta Force operatives were able to get out safely.

Huddy reported that the commando operation also led to the freeing of a young Yazidi woman who appears to have been held as a slave by the Sayyafs.

Huddy said that although this operation was a success, ISIS continues to gain more ground in much of the region, including in Iraq.

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