People across the country are helping a hungry veteran in North Carolina after a generous 911 operator rose to the occasion.

81-year-old Clarence Blackmon returned to his home in Fayetteville earlier this week after spending six months in the hospital for cancer treatments.

When he arrived back home, he discovered that his refrigerator was empty. So, he called 911 for help.

With her supervisor's permission, 911 dispatcher Marilyn Hinson bought Blackmon groceries and, with the help of the police, had them delivered to his home.

"He was hungry. I've been hungry. A lot of people can't say that, but I can," Hinson said. "I cannot stand to see anybody go hungry."

"They keep bringing it in by the armloads," Blackmon said. "My cupboards are full. I've never had such prosperity."

Blackmon revealed he's received so much food that he's requesting people send it to charity instead.

Blackmon also said that he'll soon have a nurse to check on him at home twice a week.

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