On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling reacted to President Obama taking a cheap shot at Fox News and blaming the network for his failed policies regarding impoverished Americans.

"Here's the thing, Mr. President. We at Fox don't begrudge poor people who are struggling to feed a family. We get that," Bolling said. "Sometimes a helping hand is what is needed to get back on track, buying time to find work. We get that."

Bolling said that they do begrudge the "parasites" who take from taxpayers not out of need, but because they can.

"Parasites are simply working the system, a system that you've made very workable," Bolling said. "Mr. President, don't blame Fox News for the parasites you've enabled."

Bolling noted that "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart was "falling over himself" to defend the president's attack on Fox News.

"So go ahead, Jon. Be the defender of the enabler. Pile on like a schoolyard bully. You're just as predictable and just as dumb," Bolling said.

Bolling pointed out that food stamp abuse has soared under Obama, increasing $700 million. Improper payments for Medicare have also increased by $15 billion tax dollars.

"Facts don't lie, brother. The good news is you're retiring soon. Maybe you can watch more Fox News with your free time and actually learn something," Bolling said. "The beauty of Fox: Class is always in session here, even for slow learners like you."

Watch Bolling's full "Wake Up, America" segment in the clip above.

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