An Iraqi Catholic nun went "On The Record" tonight to describe how she escaped being murdered and persecuted by ISIS.

Sister Diana Momeka is a leading representative of the Nineveh Christians, a group that ISIS chased from their homes in and around Mosul, Fox News reported. 

She told Greta Van Susteren that the situation is extremely bad for Iraqi Christians.

Momeka explained that her group has lost everything, including their homes and holy places of worship.  

"We don't have any dignity left there, because we lost everything," Momeka said. "I would say, the situation [is] not that good."

 Momeka shared that her convent was able to flee before ISIS invaded the area. She said that ISIS militants have killed Christians who refused to convert to Islam or give them money. 

Van Susteren asked Momeka why she traveled to the United States. 

"I came to be the voice for those who have no voice," she replied.

Watch the video above.

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