Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) accused the White House of trying to "censor the news" as ISIS reportedly advances into the Iraqi city of Ramadi. 

The New York Times reported Friday that ISIS fighters have seized the government headquarters in the capital of the western Anbar province.

Despite the advance, the report states that it's too early to say the city has "fallen" to ISIS.

Martha MacCallum discussed the latest developments with North this morning, asking why President Obama is not giving any public updates on the fight against ISIS. 

North said instead, the White House is attempting to "censor the news" by requesting that media outlets stop showing old videos of ISIS.

The administration argues a lot of the "b-roll" footage is from a year ago when ISIS was far stronger and the U.S. military had not yet begun airstrikes.

North pushed back, arguing that his "War Stories" documentary unit would like to show what's going on now, but it has become a "bureaucratic nightmare."

"The idea of us being able to get images of U.S. troops training Iraqis and the idea that you can simply request an embed is lunacy. It's now a bureaucratic nightmare to get a news team on the ground with U.S. forces. ... You put our two-man 'War Stories' team out there with U.S. Special Operations units or the Marines out there in western Anbar, I'll give you the footage. But don't make it a nightmare for us to get there," said North.

He said, overall, it's "absolutely crucial" for the Iraqi government to control Ramadi. North said the government cannot keep ISIS from taking over the much larger city of Mosul if they cannot even control Ramadi. 

"The idea that they could be going after Mosul is lunacy," said North, adding that the U.S. airstrikes have not forced ISIS to change their strategy.

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