A military drone crash-landed in a Colorado Springs man’s backyard this week.

Ronald Fisk said he found a drone with flashing lights and a camera in his backyard Tuesday.

Fisk called police, who arrived with soldiers from Fort Carson to confiscate the device.

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Fort Carson officials said that the 4-pound RQ-11 Raven drone was on a security mission and accidentally lost its course. They say it didn’t cause damage or injuries.

The drone traveled about 10 miles from the base to Fisk’s backyard.

The Gazette of Colorado Springs reported:

Ravens are used by Fort Carson companies to keep an eye on battlefields. Introduced during the Iraq war, the electric-powered craft are launched by throwing them skyward and are designed to break into pieces when they land. A small camera aboard the Raven sends pictures to a soldier-carried computer.

The post said the Raven was flying "in support of increased force protection measures on Fort Carson." With increased security at area military bases, the drones also can be used to keep track of threats to Fort Carson and other facilities.

It's the first reported use of a drone to protect an area military installation.

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