On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to newly released numbers about the deadliest jobs in America.

Here are the top five deadliest jobs according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • 1. Fishermen
  • 2. Loggers
  • 3. Pilots
  • 4. Extraction workers
  • 5. Iron and Steel workers

Gutfeld remarked that "without these risk-takers, we'd be nowhere as a civilization." 

He noted that the jobs on the list are mostly done by men. 

"Before you write in, I know tough women are out there doing this kind of work, but the overwhelming number are dudes, and a few are missing a toe or a pinkie," Gutfeld stated. 

He remarked that the hazard gap between men and women could narrow as women take on more jobs that were once done by only men. 

"Look at combat, as women return with injuries that once only afflicted men," Gutfeld said. "But the male domination of hazardous work is a fact often ignored by the media, for it undermines misleading stats about the wage gap."

Watch the video above.

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