Attention Domino’s lovers: You can soon order a pizza with a simple tweet.

The pizza company’s Twitter followers will be able to send tweets to have pies delivered to their homes, starting May 20.

A Twitter user just has to set up his or her “pizza profile” and save an “easy order” with Domino’s online delivery service. After that, the user will be able to tweet the pizza emoji or #EasyOrder to re-order the preferred pizza.

USA Today reported:

"It's the epitome of convenience," says CEO Patrick Doyle, in a phone interview. "We've got this down to a five-second exchange."

It's all about attracting busy, younger consumers. For Domino's it was a no-brainer, with upward of 50% of its sales already taking place digitally.

One analyst says it's savvy PR. Domino's will enjoy a "burst of publicity" as social media buzzes with the news, says Rebecca Lieb, digital advertising analyst at Altimeter Group. In the early going, she says, it also gives Domino's a competitive edge.

For Twitter, it's an evolution that the online social network is trying to make from a place to chat about or even advertise stuff to a place where folks can buy stuff. Several familiar retailers, including Old Navy and AMC Theaters, have tested selling items on Twitter via "buy now" buttons on tweets.