A Department of Veterans Affairs whistleblower is accusing senior VA officials of wasting billions of dollars in taxpayer money. 

Jan Frye, deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics, said in a House hearing that the VA engaged in "gross mismanagement."

Stars and Stripes reported:

The VA was hit with its newest scandal just before the hearing Thursday when a March letter written by Frye to McDonald was made public. It unveiled that at least $5 billion and as much as $10 billion each year in employee credit card purchases were made without contracts and in violate of federal procurement rules.

“I have not had any response from the secretary’s office,” Frye testified to a Veterans Affairs subcommittee. He said an assistant to McDonald and Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson confirmed both had received the letter.

Frye also told members of a House Armed Services subcommittee that VA leadership, including its chief financial officer and its chief procurement officer for the department’s health care system, were testifying Thursday in hopes of obscuring the purchase practices.

Jennifer Griffin reported on the new developments on "The Real Story," detailing a 35-page memo from Frye to VA Secretary Bob McDonald.

In the memo, Frye says no one has been held accountable over this over the course of 10 years. He said he told his superiors about the purchasing problems in 2012, calling out "obfuscation" by senior VA officials.

Griffin said she reached out to the VA about Frye's claims, but got no response. She noted the VA is one of the worst government agencies when it comes to responding to media inquiries.

Watch Griffin's report above.