We heard Gretchen Carlson had a whole bunch of #TBT photos for her new book, so we asked her to send us some.

She sent us 15 great shots, complete with some fun captions. From Minnesota all the way to Miss America, enjoy this exclusive look back at the life of the "The Real Story" host and new author.

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My dad used to rock me to sleep, and the minute he stopped, I would scream again!
My Grandpa Hyllengren taught me my faith, perseverance and how to laugh!
I loved making and eating Christmas cookies with my Grandma Hyllengren and my older sister Kris.
We always put on Christmas Eve pageants in our house before we could open presents. Here I am as Mary.
This is one of the first photos taken of me playing the violin at age 6. It became such an important part of my life.
As a kid I was game for anything, including pony rides at a family resort in northern Minnesota.
I've always loved sports. How's my golf swing stance? LOL. I love the socks!
Here I am hitting it out of the park on my sixth-grade softball team. I played second base, and my mom was the coach of our team, the ‘Lincoln Logs.’
This was a proud moment with my amazing dad Lee as a homecoming attendant during my senior year of high school.
I was honored to represent Minnesota as Minnesota Miss T.E.E.N. (Teens Encouraging Excellence Nationally).
Check out this senior prom picture! How's that for 80s hair?
This was taken at my high school graduation after working so hard to be valedictorian.
I played "Gypsy Airs" during the talent competition at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City on Sept. 10, 1988.
This was the Miss America winning moment when it all sunk in. All the hard work and violin practice had paid off, and I was so grateful to so many people.
Here’s the iconic morning after Miss America shot on the beach in Atlantic City. The photographers wanted me to jump higher but I tried to tell them I'm only 5 foot 3!