(Photo Credit: Jay Schwandt via AP)

A Michigan mom has given birth to a baby boy – for the thirteenth time!

Jay and Kateri Schwandt welcomed their thirteenth son on Wednesday, four days after Kateri’s due date. The couple doesn’t have any girls.

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The Schwandts kept up with their tradition of not learning the baby’s sex ahead of time.

They say they’re just happy that the baby is healthy.

The Associated Press reported:

Kateri Schwandt, 40, says she has a lot of experience with large families, as one of 14 children herself.

In an interview last week, she said she finds motherhood to be "very rewarding."

"Your children are a little piece of you. Every day is Mother's Day," she told The Grand Rapids Press. "They will bring me flowers that they pick in the yard. Even if it's a dandelion, it's special because they were thinking of Mom."

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