A third-grade New Jersey teacher has been fired after she had her students write “get well” letters to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Marylin Zuniga instructed her Forest Street Elementary School students to write the letters to Abu-Jamal, who has been hospitalized. He is serving a life sentence for the 1981 shooting death of Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner.

A school board Wednesday voted to fire Zuniga, who had been suspended with pay since the incident.

Zuniga is now considering legal action over her termination.

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In her remarks to the school board on Tuesday, Zuniga said she should be returned to the classroom.

"I stand in front of you today because there's a community behind me, and because there's people here of the community, of the Orange community and the surrounding communities, that support me," Zuniga said. "There's people around the nation who support me, who believe I need to be reinstated and I believe that I need to be reinstated.

"My students need me in the classroom. My students have requested that I come back to the classroom," Zuniga added. "They miss me and they've been asking for me, and that's what's most important. No one is thinking about the students."

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