A California home's surveillance cameras captured a violent home invasion in which knife-wielding intruders went after two women who were desperately protecting a baby. 

Jonathan Hunt brought us the terrifying details this morning on "America's Newsroom," explaining that the young-looking suspects entered the San Jose home Friday morning through an unlocked back door.


The males then grabbed some knives from the kitchen, swiped a cell phone that was charging and headed upstairs. 


After they got upstairs, the suspects appeared to hear noise coming from a master bedroom. That's when they were able to kick in the bedroom's locked door. 


Behind that door was a one-year-old, who was in the home with her grandmother and aunt.

The mother, Bani Kaur, (on right, below) explained that her sister-in-law and mother were attacked at one point by the suspects, just barely getting into the bathroom with the baby and locking the door.


As one of the terrified women called 911 from the bathroom, the suspects fled.

The family is still on edge because the suspects have not been apprehended. They're also not sure whether the motive was robbery or kidnapping.

The family had installed the six cameras on their property following a previous burglary. Police are hoping the footage will lead them to the perpetrators.

Watch the full report from Hunt above.

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