For the past two years, "Hannity" has been exposing what really happens during spring break. Now, something is finally being done.

The city council in Panama City Beach, Fla. voted unanimously last night to ban alcohol on the beach during the month of March beginning next year. The city council also voted to ban sales of alcohol after 2 a.m. during spring break. 

Panama City Beach Councilman Keith Curry told Sean Hannity tonight that he's happy the rest of the council came together to finally make these changes. 

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Hannity noted that Curry was not "immediately onboard" with implementing the new rules and asked him why he changed his mind. 

Curry stated that he realized the rules in place weren't working and decided that more needed to be done to curtail the spring break violence. 

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Wes Pittman, an attorney in Florida, countered, arguing that he doesn't think the violence will end during spring break. 

"It’s not going to end it, the experience of other cities like Fort Lauderdale and Daytona where they banned drinking some years ago was that there was a lull for a little while but then they rebounded and are doing better than they ever were and don’t want the alcohol sales again," Pittman stated. "They have spring breakers, but it’s a better quality of spring breakers...[who] are being good citizens."

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