North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un executed his defense chief for falling asleep during a meeting, talking back and complaining about the young leader, according to South Korea's spy agency.

People's Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol was reportedly killed by anti-aircraft gunfire with hundreds watching at a shooting range at Pyongyang's Kang Kon Military Academy in April.

Monica Crowley said on "The Real Story" that this is how Communist dictatorships behave.

"They operate by intimidation, fear and terror. This is not the first time that Kim Jong Un or his father or his grandfather has publicly executed somebody who they thought was insubordinate to the regime or talking back or falling asleep, allegedly, in a meeting," Crowley said. "This is how tyrannies behave. Not a surprise."

She said this could indicate political upheaval within the regime or it could possibly mean that the North Korean leader is jealous of all the international attention that Iran and Russia have recently been getting.

"He's probably saying, 'I'm still here.' And one of the ways he tries to get global attention is by executing a member of his cabinet," Crowley said.

Gretchen Carlson said this is once again proof of how vile dictatorships operate.

"It tells us a lot about what can happen by putting any trust in regimes that are so unpredictable and reminds us how lucky we are to live in a nation that is free and, quite frankly, the greatest nation in the world," Gretchen said.

Watch more from "The Real Story" above and see Gretchen's "My Take" below.

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