The death toll in the deadly Amtrak train derailment has now reached seven. A total of more than 200 people were treated for injuries. Eight people are in critical condition.

The dead include an AP employee, Jim Gaines, the news agency reported, along with a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman.

The CEO of a Philadelphia company, Rachel Jacobs, is said to be missing.

Investigators have still not confirmed that all of the passengers on the train have been accounted for.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the train's engineer survived and declined to talk to authorities.

The engineer, who has not been identified, declined to give a statement to police investigators and left the East Detectives Division with an attorney, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said Wednesday.

The conductor, also unidentified, was at Einstein Hospital with a skull fracture, Ramsey said.

Mayor Michael Nutter said crews have recovered the train's black box and it is being reviewed by investigators, including those from the NTSB. 

Amtrak has completely shut down service between Philadelphia and New York, one of the busiest rail corridors in the country.

UPDATE 7:45p ET: Peter Doocy reported that the train's engineer applied the emergency brakes just seconds before the train jumped the tracks.

Doocy stated that the train was traveling at 106 mph as it entered a sharp curve where the speed limit was 50 mph. 

He also said that the NTSB has not spoken with the engineer yet, but planned to.

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