Kirsten Powers, author of the new book "The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech," said on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night that free speech is under assault in this country in many different areas, and it's coming primarily from the far-left.

Powers revealed that in "The Silencing," she focuses on the attack on free speech from the media and on college campuses.

"It's a systematic silencing that is going on," Powers said. "And they use the same tactics. I also am not talking about disagreement. I'm not talking about people being civil. I'm talking about these are people who will not have a debate. They will attack you: 'You are racist. You are misogynist.' It's never about what the actual issue is."

"And it's really impinging people's ability to debate issues, because there is no debate. They tell you there is no debate because you're a racist."

Powers said this is not what liberals are supposed to believe.

"We're supposed to believe: put the ideas out there, debate them, talk about them. Put your best case out. And then see what happens," Powers said. "Don't just shut it down and tell people to shut up."

Watch more from "The Factor" above and be sure to check out Powers' book, "The Silencing."

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