How concerned should you be about the changing religious landscape in the U.S.?

A recent Pew poll found that the amount of Americans who identify as Christian has dropped eight percent in the past seven years. During that same time period, the number of people claiming to be religiously unaffiliated has risen by nearly seven percent.

"I don't think it's great for families," Juan Williams said on "The Five," pointing out that the poll reveals that people under 35 simply aren't going to church in large numbers.

"And I think this is part of Americans, especially educated Americans, deciding they know better than the word of God. And I just think that's a mistake," Williams stated.

Eric Bolling agreed and asserted that music, movies and television overwhelmingly lead young people away from religion.

Bolling recalled being on vacation in Mexico when his son, out of the blue, joined him at church for Easter Mass, an experience that warmed his heart.

"I hope that people realize that church and God matter," Bolling said.

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