The man who killed Usama bin Laden, former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill, reacted this morning to Seymour Hersh's explosive report about the raid that killed the al Qaeda leader. 

Hersh, citing many anonymous intelligence sources, reports that the White House lied about the circumstances surrounding the 2011 raid on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

In his report, Hersh said Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence knew in advance of the raid, allowing the U.S. helicopter to fly through Pakistani airspace.

U.S. officials have long said that the raid was carried out without the Pakistanis knowing.

Hersh also reported that bin Laden had been at the compound since 2006, being guarded by the ISI.

Hersh also disputes that the tracking of a courier led the U.S. to bin Laden, claiming a Pakistani intelligence officer disclosed his location in an effort to collect the $25 million reward.

Hersh reports that the Obama administration was originally planning to wait a week, then claim that bin Laden was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. But when a U.S. helicopter crashed at the bin Laden compound, President Obama made a controversial decision to immediately go public.

Hersh further claims that no burial at sea ever took place and that the only shots fired inside the compound were the ones that killed bin Laden. 

The White House and Pentagon have pushed back on the report, saying it's riddled with inaccuracies and "fabrications."

O'Neill told Bill Hemmer this morning (video above) that the report is "insulting" to the SEALs who carried out the mission 

"He made up pretty much everything," said O'Neill, adding that the story he has told about the night of the raid "is what happened."

O'Neill denied Hersh's claim that an ISI officer was flying with the SEALs on the mission.

O'Neill said it's "ludicrous" for Hersh to claim that so many U.S. officials could conspire on a lie of this magnitude.

O'Neill said he "knows for a fact" that the burial at sea happened, as President Obama said it did. 

On the claim that Pakistan was holding bin Laden as a bargaining chip, O'Neill said he could "see that happening," but does not have specific knowledge on that point. 

"I would believe that if someone said the ISI knew where he was," said O'Neill.

But he said he believes Hersh is being fed lies by Pakistani sources because they are still "angry" that the U.S. carried out the raid without their knowledge.

"They found someone who would take the bait. They sent it to him, he bit it. ... Everyone with whom I've spoken can't even finish it. It's like reading a really bad piece of fiction," O'Neill said.

Watch the interview above. You can read Hersh's full piece, here.

Former CIA deputy director Mike Morell appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning and also weighed in on Hersh's claims. Watch the discussion below.