A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter providing humanitarian assistance after the earthquake in Nepal was reported missing Tuesday, according to officials.

The Department of Defense confirmed that six US Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were aboard the aircraft

The UH-1 Huey helicopter had just dropped off supplies at one location and was en route to a second location when it went missing.

Jennifer Griffin reported on "The Real Story" that Nepalese soldiers are on foot near the city of Charikot looking for the helicopter in the dark of night.

"The pilot had complained of fuel issues, but there was no indication of a crash," Griffin reported. "According to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren, the area is extremely rugged and mountainous."

"Search efforts have been called off tonight and will begin again at first light, according to U.S. military officials." Griffin said. "But again, those Nepalese soldiers are on foot, trying to make their way to where they believe the helicopter went down."

Watch more from "The Real Story" above.

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