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Charles Krauthammer reacted this morning to two headline-making interviews in the race for the White House. 

First, he took on Jeb Bush's comments in last night's exclusive sit-down with Megyn Kelly. In the interview, Bush sought to highlight how his foreign policy would be different from his brother, George W. Bush. 

“Am I the same as my brother? Of course not. I’m not,” Bush said, acknowledging he would ask his brother for advice. 

“I think, for example, our foreign policy ought to be grounded in not just the export of our own values, or nation-building — those are good sentiments — but first and foremost, in security and peace. And I think what we’ve seen under this president is as we’ve pulled back, we’re creating an incredibly insecure world," he said.

Krauthammer said he thinks the former Florida governor gave "exactly the right answer."

"Out of family loyalty, you don’t repudiate a brother and I think he believes that. It’s not just a political thing. But secondly, of course. When his brother left office, his foreign policy was unpopular, and it remains so. When Jeb says, I wouldn’t have been the same, I wouldn’t’ have emphasized so much the freedom agenda, but I would [emphasize] national security. He’s reflecting not just a change of policy, and a more popular one, but one that makes more sense 10 years later," said Krauthammer.

He added that when Bush 43 was in office there was a "reasonable chance" of spreading democracy in the Middle East. But Krauthammer argued that in light of the "failure of the Arab Spring in every country except Tunisia," that doesn't appear to be a realistic policy anymore.

Then, Krauthammer called out Mark Halperin's "appalling" treatment of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a recent Bloomberg interview. 

Halperin has been roundly criticized for referring to the senator's Hispanic heritage during the discussion. Some critics called the questions "racist," while others labeled it "cringe-worthy."

At one point, Halperin asked Cruz if he would welcome Bernie Sanders to the presidential race "en Espanol."

"I like Mark. I think he's a good journalist, but that was preposterous," said Krauthammer.

"I can’t imagine Mark interviewing Chuck Schumer and saying 'do you like kreplach and borscht, and perhaps you could give me an answer in Hebrew.' I mean, you don’t do this. No matter whether you’re Cuban, Jewish, black, or whatever. I find it appalling. It’s condescending and I’m sure he knows he made a mistake."  

Halperin has since apologized, saying he understands why some felt the questions were inappropriate.

Watch Krauthammer's analysis above, and don't miss Megyn Kelly's interview with Cruz, tonight at 9p ET.