Tune in to "The Kelly File" tonight at 9p ET to see Megyn Kelly's exclusive interview with Jeb Bush.

With Jeb Bush's exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly set to air tonight, the "Outnumbered" panel discussed if the potential Republican presidential candidate's undeclared status helps him or hurts him in the 2016 race.

"Let's face it, the second he comes out and declares, everyone is going to jump on him because everyone has been talking about how he's going to jump to front-runner status right away," Jedediah Bila said. "So I think he's smart to do this. There's plenty of time for him to sit back."

Bila added that Hillary Clinton would love for Bush to announce his candidacy because it would take some of the media pressure off of her.

"So I think he's watching these stories on Hillary and watching the fact that the media has to cover them and is probably saying, 'You know, let me give Hillary a little more time. Let me give these other GOP candidates a little bit more time,'" Bila said.

Former Sen. Scott Brown said Bush is in a good position, laying back while raising as much money as possible.

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