A New Jersey couple is facing stalking charges after they allegedly sent anonymous emails to their son’s basketball coach and school because the coach benched their son.

David and Nanci Kushner, both 49, allegedly sent emails and letters to coach Michael Doto and school administrators in an effort to get Doto to quit or be fired. The Kushners are accused of sending four emails to school officials over a two-year period and of making up an email account to contact the coach directly.

The New York Post reported:

Their most recent alleged electronic heckling came in March, when Doto received four harassing letters at his home.

“It has been a scary experience for my family and I,” he told The Record.

A lawyer for Nanci called the charges baseless.

The Kushners pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree stalking and plan to plead not guilty to harassment.

Today on “Fox and Friends,” attorney Jonna Spilbor called this a “textbook case of stalking.” But defense attorney Richard Roth disagreed, calling it silly to “clog up the court system” with this case.

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