A North Carolina Army veteran was shocked to open a piece of mail notifying him of his very own death. 

Robert Pressley, who is very much alive, joined "Your World" today to talk about the ordeal.

Pressley told Neil Cavuto that his family received documents from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense stating that he was dead. The government also sent two checks to help pay for his burial costs. 

"I still don't have any answers as to how or even why this happened," Pressley said.

He added that duplicate letters were also sent to his ex-wife, even though he told the VA a number of times that they were divorced and he has since remarried.

Since he was declared dead, his benefits reportedly have been terminated.

He explained that he supports a small family and that he is unable to work due to a number of combat-related injuries, including PTSD.

Pressley noted that the VA has zero proof that he died, since there is no death certificate, which he called "completely unacceptable."

Pressley revealed that he is working with the VA to have the problem corrected.

The VA told FoxNews.com it is trying to determine what happened and correct the error.

“(The VA) is committed to providing all eligible veterans, service members and survivors with their earned care and benefits," Randy Noller, a spokesman for the VA, told FoxNews.com. "VA also takes seriously its obligation to properly safeguard any personal information within our possession. Without a privacy waiver from the veteran, we are very restricted by privacy laws and policies in what we can provide at this time."

Watch the video above.

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