Florida Gov. Jeb Bush goes one-on-one with Megyn Kelly for a wide-ranging, news-making exclusive "Kelly File" interview about the challenges facing the country, his solutions for fixing them and a possible run for the White House.

Tune in to "The Kelly File" Monday at 9p ET on Fox News Channel to see Bush's first national television interview in more than two months.

Watch a preview clip above.

On "Media Buzz," Michael Tomasky said that Bush's apparent strategy of fewer but bigger interviews is something that other top GOP candidates will likely replicate.

"They don't have to do much media anymore," Tomasky said. "They don't have to answer that many questions. They can tweet things out. They can have their supporters tweet things out and use Facebook."

"People don't really care because the press isn't very popular. And as long as they're going out and talking to voters and taking voters' questions, I think the people are basically satisfied with that."

Matt Lewis said that with this "Kelly File" interview, Bush is starting the process of showing how he would govern differently than his brother and more like his father.

Watch more from "Media Buzz" above and don't miss Megyn's exclusive, must-see interview with Jeb Bush at 9p ET Monday on "The Kelly File."

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