A new documentary focuses on the last human being to set foot on the moon.

"The Last Man on the Moon" tells the story of astronaut Captain Gene Cernan, who was the commander of Apollo 17 in 1972, becoming the last man to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon.

Cernan told Uma Pemmaraju on "America's News Headquarters" that it took a couple years for the filmmakers to convince him that his story was worth exploring in a movie.

"They finally convinced me," Cernan said. "It's a story that needs to be heard of a young kid growing up in America with a dream."

"The movie also encompasses something else. It takes us through ... the terrible 60s," Cernan said. "The country was enveloped in campus unrest, civil strife and the beginning of a very unpopular war."

He explained that President John F. Kennedy challenged the country to do what most people thought was impossible.

"The other half of this movie is reminding people of what American exceptionalism is all about," Cernan said. "Because when Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon, I don't think that anything else in recent history has matched [that] for what we can do if we really want to do it."

Watch more in the "America's News Headquarters" clip above.

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