This Mother's Day, Fox News hosts and reporters told us about the special women in their lives — their moms!

Some of your favorite members of the Fox News family reflected on their mothers' best advice and the impact that their moms have had on their lives.

See what they had to say below.

Martha MacCallum:

The best motherhood advice from my Mom:

Don’t over-schedule your kids – they need time to be kids, time to play and time to rest!

She always believed in the innate wonderfulness of my children and reminded me to remember that above all. Loved her for that.

Janice Dean:

Words of wisdom from Stella Dean:

Don’t drive in freezing rain.

Call if you're going to be late.

I will always be your mother.

I'll always be here if you need me, and you'll always have a place to come home to.

Jenna Lee:

One of my favorite memories about my mom is just recently when I was coming back to work, my mom came out to New York City to help me because I was having such a hard time leaving my son at home. And no one could give him a bottle, he did not want a bottle, and it was stressing me out because here I was coming back to work, and I was worrying about him being able to eat while I was gone, and my mom figured out a way to give him his bottle […] Just seeing my mom with my son is a really amazing, awesome experience.

Watch the video above to hear Jenna talk more about her mom and motherhood.

Brian Kilmeade:

My mom is the most selfless woman in the world. Her best day is when her family is having a great day. She has spent her whole life making sure others were happy — first her parents, then her husband (my dad), then her three kids, and now add in her eight grandchildren, and two — soon-to-be three — daughter-in-laws. Which is why I hope she knows shes the most LOVED and appreciated mom around!

Gretchen Carlson:

I grew up in a religious family […] so every night, we said prayers together, and after we would get done saying our prayers, my mom would say to me, ‘Gretchen, you know you can be anything you want to be in life, right?’ So I heard that every single day, and I thought every mom or dad said that to their kids, and I was so saddened to find out later on that they don’t.

Hear more about Gretchen’s mom and her own experience as a mother in the video above.

Harris Faulkner:

As a recovering perfectionist, my mom’s great words of advice are making me a better mommy. I tend to want each activity to be perfect and last for as long as possible, to soak up all that perfection I’ve put into it, LOL!

My mom Shirley always reminds me to break up activities with my little ones into 30-minute intervals. They have shorter attention spans by nature and most things only remain truly interesting for about that long! She says, “Keep it moving!” So, for a trip to the beach: We’ll swim for a half hour, build sand castles for a half hour, eat for a half hour, walk on the beach collecting seashells for a half hour, etc. Before you know it, we’ve creating dozens of memories, and nothing has be perfect because there’s no time for that. 

Along those same lines, with my mom’s guidance and inspiration, I’ve learned to let go of trying to control everything. She reminds me that at an early age, the weather fascinated me. Maybe that was because it truly was out of my control!

You were right about that perfection thing! Thanks, Mom!

Dana Perino:

During the last year, I worked on "And the Good News Is..." and my mom read the drafts, encouraging me and catching more than a few typos. Despite knowing all of the stories, she still found time to read the final product.

Her love is so unconditional for her daughters, my sister Angie and me. She says the two moments she remembers most in her life were when she met us.

My mom's love allowed me to take risks in my career and even in love, such as when I moved to England to be with a guy I'd met on an airplane (we are still together, 18 years later). My mom let me just be me - what a gift. Thank you, Mom!

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