Some of the Republican presidential contenders are moving ahead of Hillary Clinton in a new poll out of New Hampshire. 

In a new WMUR Granite State survey of more than 600 likely voters, Jeb Bush came out ahead of Clinton 47-41%, while Rand Paul was ahead 47-43% and Marco Rubio had a lead of 47-42%. 

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is polling even with Clinton at 44 percent, while Ted Cruz trails her by just one point in New Hampshire.

The numbers represent a shift in voters' sentiments. For instance in a February poll, Clinton led Paul by 10 points.

The Outnumbered panel - joined by Jesse Watters today - discussed why voters seem to be shifting away from the former First Lady.

Watters said part of the problem is that Clinton is looking "a lot like an out-of-touch hypocrite these days."

"She's saying she's gonna fight for the middle class and she's getting paid $300,000 to go off in a private jet and stay at a nice hotel. And her husband is out there defending a half-million-dollar speech, saying he has to pay the bills. The Clintons are talking like they're Floyd Mayweather," said Watters.

Sandra Smith argued that it's still unclear how Clinton will do once she starts taking more questions and doing more interviews. 

Kimberly Guilfoyle countered that Clinton is not interested in answering questions, saying she prefers to "duck and cover."

The New York Times noted this week that in the first 26 days of her presidential campaign, Clinton had fielded just seven questions from the media.

Kirsten Powers said that Clinton still polls strongly when voters are asked about her leadership abilities. 

Watch the full discussion above.