Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today that the Department of Justice will launch a civil rights investigation into the practices of the Baltimore Police Department. 

"This investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that Baltimore Police Department officers use excessive force including deadly force, conduct unlawful searches, seizures, and arrests, and engage in discriminatory policing," Lynch said.

On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer used the DOJ's investigation in Baltimore as an example to discuss the federal government's reach into local police departments. 

"...At what point will the federal government stop nationalizing local law enforcement?" Krauthammer said. 

He explained that the laws were originally intended to deal with "racially hostile" administrations using their power against minorities.

Krauthammer stated that Baltimore's police chief, mayor and city attorney are all African American. Three of the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray are also African American, he added. 

"It doesn't fit the pattern," Krauthammer said. 

He stated that it's hard to understand why a mayor would call in federal officials since the police department is under the jurisdiction of the mayor.

"That's how democracy works," Krauthammer said. "You elect an administration and they control the police department."

Watch the full video above. 

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