Greta Van Susteren wondered Thursday night how so many people within the Cleveland Cavaliers organization could possibly sign off on the "Dirty Dancing" spoof video. 

If you haven't seen it yet, the team played this video in the arena Wednesday night during Game 2 of its playoff series against the Chicago Bulls. 

The video was immediately criticized as being insensitive and tone-deaf given the recent issues involving domestic violence in the sports world.

The team released an apology Thursday, saying the video was intended to be a fun spoof on a popular commercial.

"While the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very serious matter and has no place in a parody video that plays in an entertainment venue. We sincerely apologize to those who have been affected by domestic violence for the obvious negative feelings caused by being exposed to this insensitive video," the statement read.

Van Susteren, however, argued that the "cringe-worthy, lame" video could not have been the work of just one tone-deaf person. It had to have gotten approval and been worked on many within the organization. 

"How do you find so many tone-deaf people in one place at the same time to agree to the same dumb idea? What are the odds? Well, apparently pretty high in Cleveland," she said. 

Check out Greta's "Off the Record" commentary above.

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