A new audit shows that IRS employees who cheated on their taxes were not fired by the agency, and in some cases, were even promoted.

The Washington Times reports:

In about 60 percent of cases of “willful violations,” IRS managers found mitigating circumstances and refused to fire the employees, even though the law calls for that penalty. In some of those cases, the managers didn’t even document why they had overridden the penalty, said Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George.

“Given its critical role in federal tax administration, the IRS must ensure that its employees comply with the tax law in order to maintain the public’s confidence,” Mr. George said. “Willful violation of the law by IRS employees should not be taken lightly, and the IRS commissioner should fully document decisions made to retain employees whom management has proposed be terminated.”

From 2004 to 2013, the IRS identified nearly 130,000 suspected cases of tax violations by its own employees and concluded about 10 percent of those were actual violations. Mr. George said the agency did a good job of spotting those issues.

Of those 13,000 cases, 1,580 were deemed to be intentional cheaters, and they were sent to managers for discipline. But in 60 percent of the cases, the managers refused to fire the employees.

Gretchen Carlson discussed the new report with Townhall.com political editor Guy Benson, who pointed out that we already learned a few months ago that the IRS had rehired hundreds of employees who had been fired with cause.

Carlson asked what kind of message this sends to the general public, adding that no one has really ever been held responsible for the IRS's targeting of conservative groups. 

"Here, you have thousands of IRS employees not abiding by the very rules that they so mercilessly enforce against the rest of us," Benson responded.

"And I think that goes to sort of the very worst of the federal bureaucracy. Unaccountable, hypocritical, sometimes even vindictive. It's not a mystery why so many Americans view this town and the federal government with such low regard."

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