After a number of embarrassing breaches at the White House, the Secret Service has announced that temporary spikes will be installed on the fence. 

Shepard Smith said that the new spikes will be on a slight angle, making it harder for people to climb over the fence. 

Officials noted that this is only a temporary fix until they find a permanent way to keep people out.

The spikes won't be installed until July, despite the need for more security at the White House. 

"If you were considering jumping the fence at the White House, ... you'll need to do it before July when the new spikes come, because it'll be harder then," Smith joked.

Last October, Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence and sprinted across the lawn to enter the executive mansion through an unlocked door.

He allegedly overpowered a Secret Service agent and reached the East Room, where he was tackled by another agent at the door to the Green Room.

He was eventually taken into custody by agents. 

In March, the Secret Service director faced a grilling on Capitol Hill after an incident in which two drunk agents crashed a vehicle into a White House security barricade.

Watch Shep's full report above.

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