It's no secret that Hillary Clinton hasn't been very accessible to the media since formally announcing her candidacy on April 12. 

Amy Chozick, a New York Times reporter, pointed out that Clinton has only answered seven questions from the media since launching her presidential campaign 26 days ago. 

Now, The New York Times has decided to launch a series revealing what questions they would ask Clinton if she ever gives them the opportunity.

Read more from The New York Times:

On Tuesday, at an event in Las Vegas, Mrs. Clinton laid out an extensive and ambitious plan to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, including expanding the Dream Act, which defers deportation for the children of undocumented immigrants, to include their parents, a step President Obama has not taken. Our question for Mrs. Clinton would have been:

“President Obama said his executive action on immigration went as far as the law will allow. You say you would go beyond what he did. How could you stretch the law further than the president of your own party and his Justice Department says it can go?”

The "Outnumbered" panel, joined by Andy Levy of "Red Eye," discussed why Clinton has been so reluctant to answer questions or sit down for a big TV interview. 

Jedediah Bila said it may come down to concerns that Clinton will not do well in those spots. 

"She gives a terrible interview. She couldn't even promote her own book well. How is she going to go out there and promote policies? They don't want her front-and-center," said Bila.

Katie Pavlich asked whether Clinton has a conflict right now because she needs to distance herself from President Obama's policies, but also does not want to alienate the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Levy said Clinton can ignore the press corps as long as she wants, but it won't matter. He added that the New York Times will still endorse her for the presidency. 

"Hillary Clinton could be caught on tape saying, 'Hail Satan,' while killing a goat and the headline would be, 'Hillary Clinton leads cultural outreach program,'" he joked.

Watch the segment above and let us know what questions you would ask Clinton. 

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