British Prime Minister David Cameron could lose power today if he does not win the election in Britain.

The 48-year-old conservative leader, who has served in the position since 2010, is running against Labour's Edward Miliband.

Cameron is one of few leaders in Europe who has spoken out against the rise of ISIS. Last August, Cameron raised the terror threat level in the UK to "severe" in the face of the growing dangers posed to the West by ISIS.

Daniel Hannan, a member of the European Parliament, explained to Elisabeth Hasselbeck today on "Fox and Friends" what it would mean to see a different government step in if Cameron lost the election. 

Hannan added that Cameron successfully distinguishes between "the mainstream moderate adherence" of those who practice Islam and "these young, jihadi fundamentalists who are blaspheming against their own religion and threatening the western world."

Hannan explained that unlike Cameron, Miliband wants a law against Islamophobia. 

"The one thing we don't need at the moment is further restrictions on free speech," Hannan said of Miliband. 

He also shared why Americans should be concerned if Cameron doesn't win the election. 

"I think the main difference that would come under a Labour government would be the economic one," Hannan stated. "We have had five years of strong recovery in this country, we have been the envy of Europe, we're the fastest growing major economy in the world, [and] we've created more jobs here unbelievably than in the other 27 E.U. states put together."

Watch the video above. 

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