Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) said today he will decide in about a month whether he's going to run for president. 

Jindal told Neil Cavuto this afternoon that he'll announce one way or the other shortly after the state's legislative session ends on June 11. 

On how he would fit into the crowded GOP field, Jindal said he has put forth detailed ideas on how to reverse the "damage" done by President Obama.

Jindal said he's the only one that has put forward a "detailed" plan on replacing ObamaCare, along with plans on other pressing issues.

"We've spent our time thinking about not only how do you get to be president, but what the next president actually needs to do. I'm surprised others aren't doing that," said Jindal.

The main topic of discussion was the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. Earlier today, the Senate voted 98-1 to approve legislation that would let Congress review and possibly reject any final deal with Tehran.

Jindal said he hopes the House improves the bill, expressing doubt that the Senate will "show a spine" and come up with a two-thirds, veto-proof majority to reject the final deal. 

"It's not too late for Congress to step in and rescue the country from this president's very, very bad deal," said Jindal.

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