A mother-to-be who couldn’t see her ultrasound got to feel her unborn child instead.

Huggies Brazil helped a legally blind woman named Tatiana feel her unborn son, Murilo, through 3-D printing technology.

Amazing Ultrasound Video Captures Unborn Baby Clapping

A video shows how a doctor printed a 3-D version of Murilo’s ultrasound, along with the words ‘I am your son’ in braille.

AdWeek.com reported:

Ad agency Mood worked on the project with 3-D printing firm The Goodfellas.

"As a brand, Huggies considers each moment of this new phase in the lives of many women—the maternal role," says Priya Patel, birector of baby care at Kimberly-Clark Brazil. "Huggies believes that such protective embrace and bond help babies grow up happy."

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