On "The Kelly File" tonight, Megyn Kelly reacted to the disturbing fallout from a terror attack on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

Almost immediately after the attack, people began criticizing the organizers of the event, not the gunmen, for using their right to free speech to incite violence.

"Over the last 72 hours, we have heard the event organizers condemned as being too provocative, too stupid, even for inviting their own attempted murder," Megyn said.

"If this is where American sentiment stands on this issue, then the jihadis are officially winning," Megyn said, pointing out that the terrorists' goal was to shut people up.

"There may be a time and place to discuss whether this kind of discourse is helpful to our country, to our fight with the jihadis and so on," Megyn said. "But within hours of an attempted murder of the very folks under attack, the reaction is, 'Well, you asked for it.'"

"Well, they did not ask for it. In this country, we have every right to say what we want to say about Muhammad or anyone else for that matter. And the rest of society can condemn this group's speech as a matter of decorum, but how about waiting a beat until the crime scene has been cleared?"

Megyn asserted that by rushing to attack those who were targeted, the press drew a moral equivalence between those who speak words some find offensive and those who would kill over such words.

Watch the "Kelly File" clip above and see Megyn speak with legal scholar Eugene Volokh below.

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