A North Carolina store owner is fighting to recover more than $100,000 from the IRS.

The feds reportedly seized Lyndon McLellan’s life savings under a banking law designed to stop drug dealers and money laundering. The IRS accused McLellan of structuring – repeatedly depositing money in increments just under $10,000.

The IRS had said it would no longer target deposits unless the money was involved in a separate illegal activity.

'Punishment First, Charges Later?': Judge Nap Slams IRS Seizing Legal Bank Accounts

McLellan, who owns L&M Convenience Mart in Fairmont, hasn’t been charged with anything, yet he hasn’t gotten his money back.

“It took 13 years to get it and less than 13 seconds I guess to take it away,” he said of the money. “It was taken from us, but it wasn’t handed to us.”

Ainsley Earhardt sounded off on the situation today on “Outnumbered.”

“We don’t go after Bill and Hillary Clinton for taking millions of dollars from foreign governments, but we’re gonna go after a mom-and-pop organization or small business that sells catfish sandwiches in North Carolina?” she questioned.